15 August 2010


Posted by SnoW cRysTaL at Sunday, August 15, 2010
What is the thing that started with S, 2 words, sounds like a girl's name, located near to ear?
Clue : anatomical name.
Can't answer huh?haha...( i laugh , but actually i really stressed out)
Ok.Ignore this puzzle for a while...

Blood  supply from the body get into the heart through Vena Cava and get to the pulmonary through Aorta? I really smart,am i?Huh...This stupid answer actually came out of my mouth.Pathetic for a girl who had been learning anatomy with 6 credit hours.Luckily, the supervisor didn't say this;

     " Even a form 3 students can answer this"

Then,i'll answer..
                    "Then,i'll be a form 3 student again..T_T "

Nothing to be surprise of.Nothing big.I got C+ for anatomy in my 1st year.FULLSTOP.

Oh yeah,the answer is Sella Turcica.



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