15 August 2010


Posted by SnoW cRysTaL at Sunday, August 15, 2010
This is my 1st time for me to post entry in english. My lecturers are all soo busy telling us to improve our grammar etc, for the sake of our thesis writing soon. So gurls, if i did wrong,please correct me...My english is not good, and yet i didn't do anything to make it good. Whether i like or not, i still have to work on this.So,please leave this page if you feel annoyed/irritated with my writing..hahaXD.

Lately, my  roommate has a difficulty in sleeping at night. I don't really know what she did last night, but she doesn't sleep till sahur. Told her to read my list of " how to get a quality sleep" on my board, but too lazy of her, she refused to take a look, even a glance on my list..grr...haha..As for me, i'm no longer have problems to sleep.Really glad, but it turned out that i slept a lot and night, but who cares? long as i still live the life,err..the morning life at least (always wanna take a nap *sunat zohor* in the afternoon, but then i slept until almost Asr). Here i share some tips to sleep easily..

1.Don't take caffeine (take only in the morning/ afternoon...but of course not this month..don't cheat on fasting!!hehe)
2Take a warm bath1-2 hours before sleep.
3.Don't eat and exercise just before bed time.
4.Read a really boring lecture notes or novel
5.Finish your whatever tasks before sleep (if not,u'll keep thinking of that unfinished task..even for a simple task like doing ur laundry)
6.Make sure ur bed is neat and tidy (not applicable to me tho..haha)
7.Sleep with your head position slightly higher than your body
8.Imagine calm scenery but don't push it if u can't.
9.Recite some prayer,or zikir or listen to classical/calm music with a really low volume.Just barely reach ur hearing.
10.Make ur room dim.
11. Spray an air freshener to make u comfortable.

Thats all i got..So, say goodbye to night world!!!( i wonder if i will return to my vampire life when deadlines is all over me???)



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