28 August 2010


Posted by SnoW cRysTaL at Saturday, August 28, 2010

 p/s:  credit to Kalam Azat from facebook
The standing man --> Jewish
The man in the middle --> Christian
The man in white clothing --> Muslim

What do you think about this pic?The jewish is oppressing the christian guy,which is obviously oppressing the muslim.If you,Christian is accidentally reading this post, i wanna ask..Did you notice the green cross?I was informed that a Christian would never make a green cross..Why is that?

Look at the machine gun at the right side of the photo.I think the machine gun is also symbolize how bad they(Jewish) want to conquer this world.I got this from a friend, who believe the act in this pic is acted by the Jews.Well,in reality, this scenario IS happening around the world, and it is serious.


Think.Once the muslim(in pic) stands up,the Jewish and Christian will fall down.So,beware..!



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