03 November 2010

Fox Force Five joke

Posted by SnoW cRysTaL at Wednesday, November 03, 2010
Recently, I’ve been watching a modern classic film (90’s), entitled Pulp Fiction. For a modern thinker, they might hate this kind of movie, but not me. I’m not classical though, but I do appreciate a masterpiece like this. John Travolta had been performed well and he was so cool during that time XD.
However, I don’t want to emphasize on the plot, just interested in one of the jokes told in this movie. The joke goes like this (you might have heard this before);
There are three tomatoes walking to the town (if I’m not mistaken), papa tomato, mama tomato and baby tomato. The baby tomato was walking too slowly that he started lagging behind. Papa tomato got furious and angry, and goes back toward baby tomato. Guess what he’d said?
“Ketchup” hahaha
Funny that papa tomato should’ve said catch up. I was thinking the ketchup in Mc D back then..=_=
This joke was told by Uma Thurman or Mia Wallace(in the story) .John Travolta or Vincent Vega(his role in Pulp Fiction) had shown a blur expression and didn’t laugh at all. It was Vincent expression that made me laugh, not the joke…hahaha. Owh god, I love that story..I’m going to watch it again and again.



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