03 November 2010

SNSD 3rd mini album

Posted by SnoW cRysTaL at Wednesday, November 03, 2010
For those who are always hit the allkpop site must be already aware of SNSD's new mini album, with HOOT became their main song.
So guys,tell me what do you think about this song(Hoot)?Honestly, when i heard it for the first time, i felt the music was kinda weird and lame, then for the second time i heard, i was slowly adapted to the music,but still feel the chorus didn't fit well with the song. 

There are 5 songs featured in this album..
01. 훗 (Hoot)

02. 내 잘못이죠 (Mistake)
This song is just a is a typical ballad song , but still nice to my ears..

03. 단짝 (My Best Friend)
My best friend is the best i think...i love this song among all songs 

04. Wake Up
Pretty good but somehow it remind me to run devil run song =)

05. 첫눈에…(Snowy Wish)

So sorry,i can't upload the rest of the songs in the album.The internet connection got so fucked up
[i live in hostel and use campus wireless with lot of apps had been blocked by admin =( ]

No worries , just search at 4shared.Its very surprising to see lot of 4shared users(especially SNSD fans) had already uploaded all the new songs on net, although the album was released quite recently.The Hoot MV teaser also got million of viewers in 2 days..amazing,don't you think?

Here are some pictures i captured from the MV,

p/s : i don't think Tiffany suits the blonde appearance...Others look just nice, but Soo young,yuri and Seohyun were so gorgeous in the MV.



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